Sunday, November 16, 2008

Solo ride @ Redwood Road - 1 - enter the curve

Thanks to an unknown photographer! He took my picts while I was riding along Redwood on Sunday morning - I was heading for a group ride. I was lucky enough to find my picts online. Thanks again! I wanted an action picts for long time!

Solo ride @ Redwood Road - 2 - closing to apex

Well... could be closer to apex. My leaning angle is not low enough too probably due to the fact that my speed wasn't high enough. But again, in a twisty like Redwood, anything could happen... slow down a bit won't hurt.

Solo ride @ Redwood Road - 3 - reach apex

Again, could be closer and lower... still a lot to learn.

Solo ride @ Redwood Road - 4 - exit the curve

Time to speed up and exit the curve. My butt could be slide out more - but I got chicken out every time I try to do that...

Once again, thanks to the unknown photographer!