Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Off work ride...

Off work ride :P, originally uploaded by achung_123.

Took a day off and ride around the back road near my house. Very low video quality - hopefully I will find a way to improved it. Enjoy!

Wasp TMSD - Top Mount Steering Damper Installed

DSC_6847.jpg, originally uploaded by achung_123.

The first impression of the kid was the build quality - it was excellent! All parts fitted well, and it took me about 90mins to install the kit. Instruction was well written, and all the big pictures in the instruction really help.

Test Ride:
My bike handles much better, especially in bumpy back road - no more sudden 'hand-shake'. It improve high speed stability too. I pushed my bike over 115MPH and still feel fairly stable. I started from 4 clicks (from softest), and within a day, I pushed it to 9 clicks - it gave me the stability I was looking for, and yet without sacrificed the steering feedback. I highly recommend TMSD to all SP1000 owners.