Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ran into Police Officers...

CHP's ride close up, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.
Ran into two police officers at the Wall this afternoon, and all the riders hugging around the Wall had a nice chat with both officers. Finally I had a close up view of their ride - both old and new at once. Both of them were not exactly looking for speeder but people slowed down respectively anyway. It was a nice chat on a warm Sunday afternoon - yeah, I got a big fat ticket just 4 weeks ago but I really have nothing against them. After all, we all love motorcycle to the bone... and there are much to learn from their riding skill.

See you guys next time... oh wait...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday solo run

Sunday solo run, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.

It was a great Sunday run!!! After 3 weeks of bed weather and busy work schedule, I finally able to ride on dry clean pavement on weekend. This is the first longer ride after the 18K mile service. Overall the bike runs great but it dies on me when I came to stop or at launch - fueling is way too lean. Seems like the FAR is somehow off. I suspect Ace replaced the re-usable air filter with something ales and FAR is a bit off. It's time to dive into the ECU again....

New helmet sticker

New helmet with sticker, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.

A $5 decal makes the Clutch looks much better! I never be a big decal guy but this surely a great success!