Sunday, January 8, 2012

Replacement Gloves - Dainese Full Metal Pro

Replacement Gloves - Dainese Full Metal Pro by Speedy Chung
Close up
Replacement Gloves - Dainese Full Metal Pro by Speedy Chung
Start from the right: Full Metal Pro 2011; Full Metal Pro 2009; Ignition 2010; and 4 Storks 2011

Replacement Gloves - Dainese Full Metal Pro, a photo by Speedy Chung on Flickr.
It's all started about 3 months ago when the weather still nice and warm - I found a small hole at the right palm of my Full Metal Pro leather glove. At the end of the 3rd season after more than 3 yrs of ownership, it's normal to have some wear and tear. I just wanted to fix it - seriously, I love the Full Metal Pro - it's soft, light weight, full of protection, and the best is, IT FITS ME LIEK MY SECOND SKIN. So I bought back to D-Store in San Francisco and asking for help. Mike from D-store told me that the hole is not located at a normal tear location so I may need to pay for repair if the warranty didn't cover the repair cost; but they will process it anyway. I was completely fine with it - all I want is get it fixed...

So after 3 months of waiting (sounds long but it's normal for warranty work. Due to the weather change, it too cold to use the Full Metal Pro anyway so it's OK for the wait), Mike called saying that a new pair of glove is waiting for me! It feels like Christmas all over again =) Thank you D-Store for their excellent service; and thank you Dainese to stand with their products once again.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Last ride of 2011!

It's time to say Goodbye to year 2011! It had been a lot of ups and downs but somehow we all still manage to ride through it. There is nothing better than have a nice easy group ride in an unusually warm December weather to end the year. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I did!