Saturday, December 20, 2008

BBQ Oysters... yeah!

BBQ Oysters... yeah!, originally uploaded by achung_123.

Yip. This is LIFE! Good ride, good day, good view, and good food!

TIme to take a pict with my bike

It has been a while since I took picture with my beloved Sport 1000. Few things were added during last few months - added new set of mirrors, replaced the slave cylinder, and finally got the 6K service done. The bike is still a bit 'cold blooded' even after the service. Very easy to stall in cold weather when it comes to stop. I think I need a pro to tune the ECU soon.

That's me...

That's me..., originally uploaded by achung_123.

It was a cold but sunny morning. About 36F in the morning. I waited a bit before I head out. Temp had come up a bit to something like 45F; but in the valley areas still feel like 35F even at noon time. I need to recharge myself under the sun from time to time before I freeze myself on the bike.

This road surface is like a dream!

Wow... seriosuly, this section of HW1 is the next best thing beside track. The road is smooth, no creak, no dirt, no rock, and the best, no traffic! It is not a bording stright run - in fact, I classify this as twisty - not as twisty as Redwood Road, but there are many shape turns. It road is mirror smooth, which allow me to lean low. I am no knee dragger - but I can get pretty low with this kind of close to perfect road condition.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Installed new Ducati Performance bar-end mirrors

Installed new mirror, originally uploaded by achung_123.

The only mirrors that I think will fit will into Sport Classic is actually made by Ducati performance. Both are very nicely made, and it fit perfectly into the stock handle bars. So far the only complain is the size - they are a bit small. I guess it will take me some to get used to. Will post review soon!

old stock mirror

old stock mirror, originally uploaded by achung_123.

Still a nice set of mirror - far far better than the after market one. The vision is wide and clean. BUT - just a bit too big in my taste. I looked into other kind of bar end mirrors like CRG's one. But the design doesn't fit well - after all this is a classic, not a Monster.