Saturday, September 15, 2012

So long my friend...

Perfect pavement!, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.

Today is a sad day - it makes the end of the fun we had together in the past few years. I still clearly remember the first time I rode you home with a burn beak light and insanely sensitive front break in the dark on HW4. It was the first time I ride anything other than my old Monster; and from that moment on I knew we going have one hell of a good time years to come. I thought you will be in my garage forever; but priority changes in life, and it's time to say goodbye. I feel bad to let you go - I really do. But I believe you are in good hands - I am sure the lucky new owner will baby you as much as I do if not more. And I am sure I will see you again out there running through the canyons like that we used to do... So long my friend! You will be missed!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Group pict before goodbye

Group pict before goodbye by Speedy ChungGroup pict before goodbye by Speedy ChungGroup pict before goodbye by Speedy Chung
Group pict before goodbye, a photo by Speedy Chung on Flickr.
It's time for group picture; unfortunately it's time to said good-bye too. After much of a considerations and thoughts, it's time to let the Classic goes - hopefully she will end up in a loving home; and finds a owner that ride her as well as I do. I would of keep all three of my beautiful ladies; but there are more important things happen in life that I just to have made a difficult call. So long my beloved girl - I am pretty sure I will see you around.