Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Transparent truck!

This is probably one of the best concept out there to protect the users on the road - especially anyone with 2 wheels. Motorcycle basically is transparent to other road users regardless how loud the pipes are - and the more information available the better for the riders. More info after the jump... Engadget

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brammo electric bike - is it for you?

Brammo electric bike, originally uploaded by achung_123.

Spotted this brand new Brammo while I was taking my coffee break at work in SF downtown. I am not surprise it gains popularity in greener city like SF - especially with a price tag of $8K. But if I have $8K to burn, would I ever consider to get a electric bike? I almost sure I won't. I rather get a used Monster, or a new 250... IMO, motorcycle is the symbol of freedom. Motorcycle supposes to be loud and wild (not cruisers kind of loud or wide - sorry, no HD is allowed in this blog :P) Where is the fun when motorcycle doesn't make engine noise? Why I have to limit myself how far I could go? Do I have to wait over-night to charge the battery? I mean.... Brammo doesn't really sounds like a motorcycle to me at all....

There is one thing I want for sure in this picture - the super awesome BMW GS1200R (AKA the biggest dirt bike in the world) quietly sitting in the background... just imagine how far you can go with the GS... all the sudden the Brammo looks like a toy for a 12 yrs old.

Maybe I'm not as green as the electric bike owner; but I ride like a real rider; and I feel proud of how I ride. Ride on!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Almost low-sided!

crappy road.jpg, originally uploaded by achung_123.

It happened almost 2 weeks ago, and I finally have time to go back there to revisit what went wrong. All the mud tracks were washed by the passing cars after a few days; but all the sand and gravels were still everywhere by the time I took the picture...

Here is what happened:

The weather was holding up well on the weekend, so I did a quick 'local back road' loop at 3pm. There were still wet spots here and there especially the areas that under shade. There were debris left from the storm 2 days ago; but in general all the road were fairly clean even on Wild Cat Canyon. Everything was in control and nice... until I hit Alhambra (traveling east). Mad tracks were all over road! Almost every turn had something! I slowed down a bit but still hit one of the mud tracks which goes across the road - the worse part was it is the beginning of the left-hand turn! I picked the path had the least amount of dirt but my front still slide - it shaken and washed for 2 times before it gained traction again. By then I was already in the middle of the turn and I was really close to the right shoulder - and I don't even know how I pull it off without crushing into the rock on the right shoulder....

Man... I was almost $hit my pants! Luckily I didn't panic and pull the break - I just let the bike corrected itself. Lesson to learn: SLOW DOWN and LOOK AHEAD!!! Once slowed down the time I gain will help me to do a better judgment of the given road condition....

Yes, I was one lucky dog!