Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New set of tires - Michelin Pilot Power 2CT

The last set of tires lasted for about 3K mile before the replacement mark showed up. I had a pair of Pirelli Diablo Corsa 3 - in fact, the last set was my third set of Corsa 3. Excellent summer tire, and it never fail me. But the major complain was the soft compound - too soft for road use. I can basically break in a new set as short as 30 mile of normal street riding, and it won't last more than 3K of spirited riding. Corsa 3 are expensive too - average $350 a set. So... maybe it is time for a change.

Based on excellent reviews from both online and riding buddies, I decided to give Michelin PP2ct a try. It is not exactly so call the 'latest technology" (Power Pure is the latest); but that's also the reason why PP2ct has long history of good reviews at a very reasonable price. So far I love mine - and I actually almost able to get rip of all my chicken strips with confidence. Comparing with Corsa 3, the PP2ct is quicker at turns; but it is harder and take longer to warm up - and less road feels. So far I love it, and can't wait to push hard on the rubber!


alberto said...

Good blogg Speedy chung.

I have one ducati sport 1000 biposto, and i have not changed the tire model, pirelli phamton.

Why do you change your´s pirelli phantom for others?.

thanks for your comments

Alex Chung said...

Thanks man, and I hope all my blog will help people who owns or interests in Sport Classic - or Ducati in general.

I have walked away from pirelli phantom - it is too much of a tour tire to me (it's just how I feel). I first used Pirelli Diable Corsa 3 after Pirelli phantom, and I gain HUGE improvement on dry and hot pavement. In fact, I love it so much that I managed to kill 3 sets of it. But there is 2 problems: short life and so-so on wet winter ride. I mean, for close to $400 a set and t lasted less then 3K miles... not sure it worths especially I don't track my bike. It also gave me a few hairy moments at wet road in winter time. So I decide to switch to PP2CT. The PP2CT gives me similar performance like Corsa 3 in hot dry day (if not better) with longer life, and much more confidance in cold wet day. Not to mention it is far cheaper than Corsa 3... I highly recommended!

alberto said...

Thanks for your reply, I do not practice agresive drive, but sometimes think that phantom has a reduced performance in hot pavement.

phantom provide to my duc a cafe racer look. and sometimes i prefer sacrifice high qualities and performance and mantain original look


Radu said...

Hello! Are the, Ducati's rims tubess or tubes? I think PP 2CT are tubeless tires. So, they fit on the Ducati's rims well?