Friday, July 2, 2010

Double Ducs!

Double Duc!, originally uploaded by achung_123.

Finally have time to take some picts of both of my beloved Ducs - I was waiting the Streetfighter complete some basic upgrade too; so both bikes are somewhat comparable in terms of modifications.
Which one I like it more? I love both... seriously!


Janak Dudakia said...

Nice pics... how do you like Akra System... does it improve stumbling ? if so did you need to buy ECU?

Alex Chung said...

Sorry about the late reply - I have a hard time to track comment... The stock ECU works fine with Aka slip-on. Some people reported engine light on when staying on the narrow RPM for long period of time (like say 6k rpm cruising for 30 mils). I never happen to me since I ride twisty only with very limited freeway ride. Beside the look and the sound, I personally don't feel any power gain... but who cares? 165 HP is way more than I can handle ; )

WEI said...

Beautiful bikes, would really like to own the Streetfighter.

Miss Chemistry said...

two of my top fave bikes ever! Congratulations

Fidel said...

You're very lucky.
My favourite is Classic Sport 1000.