Sunday, February 6, 2011

Custom belt Cover 2 - updated look is how my baby looks now - very different if you ask me. It looks and feels raw; but yet it still shows the details and effort. Can't wait to fire her up!


Chi Kit said...

Great bikes (ur SF-S also) and great blogs....was reading through both of them and the information on upgrade are very useful.

I had a 848 and someday I wish I can find a Sport 1000 like ur that orange colour 70's

Keep up with the good work man

Alex Chung said...

Thanks man! I hope readers find my blog useful and lean from the mistake that I made LOL. 848 is a good bike and I can see I will own one someday =)

Clint said...

Hi Alex,

I came across your blog a year or so ago when I began researching this bike and saving money for a sport classic. Mine finally arrived this weekend after almost 2years wait!! Super awesome.

Anyhow, I wanted to extend a thank you for your blog. I've learned a lot already. Also, do you have a list of all the updgrades you've made? I'm trying to keep a list of the upgrades I want to get and the most helpful way has been for me to consult other sport classic owners. Would you mind sharing with me the upgrades you've done and rough cost?

Thanks again and love the bike!

Alex Chung said...

Congrats on your new addition!!! What year and color?

List of upgrade... hmm... interesting idea. I am already doing it - it's my blog. I really don't have a summary since it is like a never ending project. In terms of cost, I don't think I have super expensive bike - without big ticket items like Ohins and Termis System, it's about $3K total. The steering damper costed me a lot, so does the alarm. Other at all small items like clutch piece, control related and so. They add up quick BTW. So my advice is identify what's import to you and start from these areas. To me control is everything; so I started from slave clutch and levers. Cost is another consideration - so you can always start with something low cost like the tail and license plate mod and belt cover mod.

Seriously, one (or two) thing at a time. Don't rush - since it going to be a lot easier for you to identify if there is any problem after the mod - not every mod is easy and straight forward. Things like suspension tuning, it took me 2 times, and still not exactly right.

Good luck, and keep me posted. Cheers, and ride safe!