Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday solo run

Sunday solo run, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.

It was a great Sunday run!!! After 3 weeks of bed weather and busy work schedule, I finally able to ride on dry clean pavement on weekend. This is the first longer ride after the 18K mile service. Overall the bike runs great but it dies on me when I came to stop or at launch - fueling is way too lean. Seems like the FAR is somehow off. I suspect Ace replaced the re-usable air filter with something ales and FAR is a bit off. It's time to dive into the ECU again....


exoticstylegardens said...

Hi man,

Enjoyed reading your blogs over the last few months. I live in Bournemouth, UK. Have had the bike for about 18 months, there are not many of these bikes around.

I agree the bike is definitely a keeper, I have 2 issues however. The rear brake is fairly lame. Is this an issue with all ducatis or just this model? Do you know how it might be improved?
Also the original pirelli tyres can scare the pants off in the wet.

Be great to hear your comments,


Alex Chung said...


Glad to know you enjoy the blog so far! Regarding the rear brake - it doesn't bug me a bit since I almost never use it. It's weak, and the foot leaver is so out of place that I need a great deal of effort just simply touch it... that's why I never touch it. I use engine brake a lot - it works well, always available, and sound much nicer. I really don't know what can make it betters except maybe you can try to replace the pads - a nice pad makes a lot of different. Beside, it's much cheaper than replacing the clipper.
Tyres are easy - just replace it. I have been using Power Pilot II and couldn't be happier. It's cheaper, and perform REALLY well in cold and wet for sport tires standard.
Good luck, and enjoy your bike!