Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ducati Sport Classic self portrait

One of my on going project - it's all ME ME ME!!! Enjoy!


Jan The Man said...
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Jan The Man said...

Hello. Great page. I came across it while doing my daily web surf hoping that today would be the day my SC1000 shows her self and my search can finally end. No luck. Anyway... I was wondering how tall you were, I'm 5'6" and if you are similar in dimension I was wondering if the ride height has ever been a problem, I had a CBR600rr and chose to lower it an inch for standing comfort (lost a lot of handling which I hated). I have never even seen the SC in person to even mount one (minor detail). But I am looking to buy one as soon as I can find one. Right now I am riding a 2010 HD forty eight, nice and low...but it doesn't feed my need for twisty slaying sport bikes. Also, what camera are you using for your stills? I use a 1080P Go pro for my action shots..while the stills are cool fish eye thinking i need a DLR for the stills.

Anyway...great site. get back to me if you can.

Alex Chung said...

Thanks for the kind words. Let address your question one at a time ; )

Riding height:
I am 5'-8" tall with inseam 30" to 31". Years ago when I switch from Monter 620 Dark to Sport 1000, I through I would trip it over since it was so tall to me. But when I got I Streetfighter (seat height at 33") and added the sport seat (added another 1"), it's at my absolute limit - and yet, oddly enough, I got used to it in 2 rides. And now riding my Sport Classic feel like riding my old Monster. The truth is you really don't need to be flat footed - it's just a matter of get used to it. My advice is NEVER lower your bike - the handling of the motorcycle will just go down hill, and you will never found out the true handling capability of the bike. I have a friend at 5'-5" tall, and he is riding a full size BMW GS1200 - he is one hell of a good rider. If he can do it, I believe anyone could - just a matter of practice.

I am using Contour Roam for action - absolutely love it!!! For still, I use Nikon D7000 (used to be D80). Lens is the key - I use Pro lens 90% of the time (17-55mm f2.8), and the result is almost always excellent. It costs more than the camera; but well worth.

Good luck man!

Ivanhoe said...

Love your back Alex. Have a yellow SC myself. Was just wondering, the Ohlins front and back where not standard. Which set did you buy?

Regards from The Netherlands.