Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sport Classic suspension tuning

It's time to do it again - not only I have been losing weight (25lb total!!!); but it just has been too long. The bike feel soft to me - the head dive a lot when I push the brake. Jim from Catalyst Reaction took a good care of me during the Cycle Gear Bike night. He even checked out and adjusted the steering damper for me. Took him about 15 mins to dial-in; and it was the best $20 I ever spend. Felt like a new bike after I roll out the lot!
At the same event, I finally encountered the beautify new super bike 1199 Panigale - it's a lot nicer look than in picture. Man, I was drooling all over it, and I wasn't the only one made the floor wet. Maybe it's time to trade in my Streetfighter S for this hot baby - decision decision...

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