Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Front end updated! Finally!

Front end updated! Finally!, originally uploaded by achung_123.

Finally, the front end of my Sport 1000 has been addressed. I am pretty happy with the work so far based on the limited budget, and I am sure I will do more in the near future. There are many things still on my "to-do" list, like powder coating handle bars and triple tree and replacing the stock front fender to carbon fiber.... but then again - take it slow, and do it one-by-one.

Here is the list of things I have done so far to the front end:

- ASV shorty levers - the adjustments are super! I haven't test ride it yet. I will update the review once I hit the road.
- Black paint coated signals, light bracket, and headlight rim
- New bar-ends and bar-end mirrors - from Cycle gear - cost 50% less than Rizoma mirrors but just look and work as nice if not better. Finally I can see clearly what's going on behind me over 90 MPH!
- Rizoma reservoirs and arms with clear tube - Used to have sweating problem with black fuel tube (lean it my lesson in a hard way!). I switched to Brembo clean tube from Yoyodyne - not a cheap tubing but problem free so far!

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sanchez.c said...

Hey man I love your bike! Great work! I just bought a Sport 1000 myself a few weeks back. I do have a few questions about the front end of your bike. What size are those Rizoma reservoirs and what kind of paint did you use to paint the signals and headlight housing? It looks awesome. Also have there any problems with chips or cracks in the paint since you have done that?