Thursday, November 5, 2009

Solo ride - levers and heated vest adjustments

After yesterday levers installations, finally I have a chance to test it out this morning. The test also includes the newly installed heat vest jack located right under my seat on the left. Everything works really well - in fact, I was able to enjoy the ride during the test and adjustments (which is very unusual compare with the adjustment ride of the rearset - it was pain in the a$$!).

I bought a heat vest from Tour Master last year; but didn't have a chance to use it until 3 weeks ago. The cable that comes with the vest works well, but it was too short, and all the wire and heat controller created a very odd riding situation - especially the wire goes between my left leg and the tank. Finally I have time to look for a right extension wire, and now I am able to loop the wire on top of my left leg, and connect the vest to the jack under my seat - all the wire and control are out of my way now! Excellent!

For the new ASV levers - man, this is the best control I ever have! Both levers are very well made, and the level of micro adjustments are unbelievable. Brake lever now works really well. Clutch is good; but it will take me some time to get used to a shorty lever. Because it is shorter, the end of the levers somehow get in-between my middle finger and ring finger. Once that happens, I have a lot of room to play at the lower end of the action - as the result, the control fingers move (index and middle), and it affects the control of the clutch at take off. It is not really a big deal - just need to get use to it.

So far I love it! And the ride reminds me how nice of the backyard I have in Hercules!

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