Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekday solo ride to Point Reyes Station

A nice tourist took this picture for me! Thanks!
Chilling at the bottom of the hairpin turn
Solo HW1 run to Point Reyes Station, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.
It has been too long since I rode her for a longer trip. Took a Friday off and took my Classic out for a nice relax morning ride. Oh boy, I miss that feeling - she was smooth and full of fun. The only small complain is the clutch - after 15K mile it is about time to replace the dry clutch plates - it starts slip a little when I push hard from stop light. Beside that everything runs as it should be - and it was a very nice ride!


Air_Cooled_Nut said...

About time you got some SC content up! Your pictures are what urged me to pursue ownership of a Sport Classic :-)

I found someone on selling gauge lowering mounts and got a pair. It's nice having the gauges face me and not my chest.

Alex Chung said...

You surely right - spend too much time on my SF-S and haven't have enough riding time on my Classic. Make sure you check out the Streetfighter Blog... :)

You should totally get the lower mount - it is one of best thing I did to my bike. But I would not recommend anyone who ride at night a lot since it actually lowered my headlight a bit - meaning less light out in the dark road ahead. Check out my pict on the mount review... you can compare the before and after photo.

Good luck man!