Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tank #3 with coating

New tank - so smooth, so beautiful
Dual layer 3M coating at fuel pump area
View from fuel pump toward gas cap area
Tank #3, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.
After 7 weeks of wait, tank #3 has finally retuned to me from Hattar Motosports. They have a 3rd-party contractor working on all in-coming tank coating job, and Hattar offers life time warranty against any gas tank deformation due to the defect of coating. This is the second time I use their service - for whatever possible opportunity, I do prefer support the local business; especially dealing with a new tank with high shipping cost.

This is the first time I have have chance to inspect what kind of work been done. The tank as dual layer of 3M silver metallic color coating, and it acts as a barrier between the plastic tank and gasoline. $235 with life time warranty - not too bad. Before the deer killed my Streetfighter, the coated tank was working perfectly fine. I will have Ace Motosports to do the installation along with the new clutch. I will post update soon. Stay tune.


Rowland said...

I'm sending in my Sport 1000 for a new tank this week. Can you give me the full name of the 3M product that was used to line the inside of yours.

Alex Chung said...

I actually don't have the full name; but you can always call the Hattar Motosports and get the name and all the related info.

Good luck.


Izaak V said...

Hattar is using 3M's ScotchKote, but there are 4 different formulations.