Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautiful Spring ride

Beautiful spring ride, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.
After weeks of rain, finally the sun is up once again. This was the first ride after my accident, and I re-visited the crash site... Feeling a bit sad seeing a piece of fairing lying on the side of the road... but at least that wasn't my dead body.

It was a great ride! I was there early enough there wasn't much of a traffic, and the roads were dry and clean - feel like I am walking away the shadow of my accident and ready once again for the riding season    =)


memm said...

Absolutely beautiful bike and my favorite one from Ducati. Thanks for publishing cool insights about sportclassic 1000. I'm going to have it one day.

Would you recommend buying one for someone without much experience in riding?

Greetings from Poland,
ride safe!

Alex Chung said...

Thank you! I really hope all the info that I posted would help someone to have a better understanding of this bike.

I can't tell you are ready or not; but following is my case and hopefully it will give you some idea. When I first got the Sport 1000, I was a newer rider riding a Ducati Monster 620 with about 6k miles under my belt. over 65% of the ride was twisties, and the rest is local and freeway kind of ride. I was a weekend rider, and never ride in rain. The transition from Monster to Sport 1000 was smooth without problem. Keep in mind that the 1000cc twins engine isn't the same as 1000cc water cool twins - the air cool has much lower power, and much easier to ride. Just keep it light handed, you will be ok.

Good luck!