Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Arai pod fails again!

Arai pod fails again!, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.

As much as I love Arai, the pod system really bothering me. It's loud (wind noise), changing shield is painful, and it's un-relible. This is the second time it fails on me - luckily both times happened off ride. Odd thing is both failed on the left side... But I have to said the warranty is great - file my new open ticket online and got respond and confirmation on the following day. Hmm... will I buy Arai again? Really not sure... So far 4 of my Shoei (RF1000, and three X-11s) are all fail proof - nothing broke even after I crashed! What can I say???


Randy said...

I hear your pain w/ Arais. I have several including my newest Ducati Stripes/Vector. However, I can not really trust any other brand to protect my priceless head! Know many people who have gone down hard and their Arais save their lives! Have you seen this unofficial test? See if your Shoei can past it!

Red Vespa said...

Pod breaking is an ongoing thing with Arai's. I have had mine fail on the Vector two times as well. ANd yes, both times it was on the left side. Agree, customer service is good, but still don't think that should happen when you pay a good chunk of change for the lid.