Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dainese Racing Jacket - my latest jacket addition

Dainese Racing Jacket, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.
I have been eyeing on a new leather jacket for some time since I sold my beloved Delmar jacket few weeks back - and finally I found this nice white Racing jacket (big thanks to Mike at D-Store San Francisco). One thing I learn from my old Delmar jacket is that the so-called aerodynamic spoiler is really unless POS when it comes to street riding. My suit has one - it looks cool and fast, and it keeps my temperature down during the hot day. But in the case of jacket, especially without vent, it just adds extra weight without any real benefit. In fact, it creates problem when I use backpack. So it's time to get something simple and light wight for work day riding. The fitting of the Racing jacket is great. It's light in weight (comes without heavy liner) and fit me really well compare to the new Delmar, Alain, and Santa Monica (BTW, Santa Monica is one of the very best jacket out there; but I was informed that it will be discontinued in next season - that translated into big saving at the end of this riding season. Anyone interested, make sure add yourself into D-store mail list).

Next thing will be nice shorty gloves...

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Anonymous said...

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