Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dainese 4 Stroke Leather Gloves

While my bike still in the shop, let's go shopping! Just kidding... but I do need a pair of shorties to fit my jackets better. The sleeves of both the Racing jacket and the HF Special jacket just a bit too long for the long gloves to handle. So... I picked the 4 Stroke. After 5 weeks of wait finally it arrived. After close inspection I found out that It's not as well made as Piston (sold on Ebay a year ago); but the 4 Stroke is still pretty nice - and it's a lot cheaper - $60 cheaper then the original Piston. Seriously I don't where Dainese cuts corner.... But it's for sure looks good and feel good for me! One small complain - the pinky has a lot of protection - which is good; but it's pretty painful to break-in. Oddly enough, the higher priced items like Full Metal actually needs less time (if not none) to break-in. I guess that's where the fitment and craftsmanship comes in.

Yeah, it's like Christmas in July =)

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