Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yes oysters! More please!

I guess I am not the only one who loves the local oyster... Here is the video shot by a local Classic rider about his oyster run. Very well made video - hope you all enjoy!

Oyster Run from mrfears on Vimeo.


eMo said...

have you done any good rides recently on your sport 1000? ^^

Alex Chung said...

Not recently - I have been a bit busy, plus I ride my Streetfighter a lot more these days. Sigh...

eMo said...

That's a question I wanted to ask.
witch one of your ducati do you prefer best for a day ride (no speeding, just a quiet ride in the country side)
ps: sorry for my english. it s not good^^

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for posting the video! Looking forward to seeing what you shoot with the new camera.

A friend of mine was tagged in a Facebook pic alongside you and a bunch of other Ducati riders a couple of Sundays back. Definitely trying to get some rides in while the weather holds.

Alex Chung said...

Check out my Streetfighter Blog for video! I have not ride my classic much these day - getting older you know ; )