Saturday, October 15, 2011

The new guy in town - Contour ROMA

Contour ROMA by Speedy Chung
Contour ROMA by Speedy Chung
Contour ROMA, a photo by Speedy Chung on Flickr.
After some back and forth finally I made a decision to get Contour ROMA. People may ask why not GoPro Hero HD? I own a older Hero, and the image quality and sound quality were both very good. But both the mounting and operation were really painful - half of the time I can't even tell the unit is on! The worst part is the mount - you HAVE TO keep the unit up-right, and deal with all the little mounting pieces on the go just simply too much to deal with. So I decided to give Contour a shot. I was thinking about getting the nicer unit - Contour GPS. It has full HD recording; plus GPS tracking to tell exactly your path and location. But after going through some user reviews I realize I rather trade the GPS function for a longer battery life and simpler operation. Just one slid on the top of the unit, it's on and start recording! SImple and easy. It offers Full HD recording at 30 fps and 170 degree wide angle (unlike the Contour GPS, it offers Full HD at 60fps but at 125 degree only). It has laser guild to make sure the lens stay horizontal and it's water proof too (up to 1m depth). The best part is, it's about $70 cheaper then Contour GPS!

I got myself a nice mounting to go along with my new toy - RAM Mounting System. It's made by marine grade aluminum with 1" rubber balls for vibration isolation. Everything so far comes together well - can't way for field this Sunday! Stay tune!

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b. said...

I just picked up one of these cameras to start filming my rides on my Monster. Is there another accessory you need with the RAM mount you have linked in order to mount the camera? Is the RAM mounted to your trellis frame?