Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My new love - Ducati Classic Sport 1000

It has been a while since I update any blog. While I wasn’t writing, I was being with my family – and riding too. Two year so far and counting – I love every single bit of it.

So how I end up from the beloved Monster 620ie in to Classic Sport 1000? I fell in love with SP1K’s design since the first time I saw it. It has a strong 70’s café racer style design with the latest technology that Ducati can offer. I test ride once while ago during the opening day of Eastbay Ace Motor Sport – I was hoping the test ride could last forever. Due to the budget and riding experience reason, I put off the idea of switching for many times. Until one day – I bought my Monster to service in Nichols (BTW, the best place for Ducati service IMO) and speaking with Mike about how much I love Sport Classic; he mentioned to me that he knew a guy wanted to sell. At that moment, I wasn’t really plan to upgrade at all – but WTH, tell me more about it - I said to Mike. So… found out that it was a track bike belonged to one of the local racer. The bike has seen the track for twice so far, and there were many and expensive upgrade on the bike – things like Ohlin’s front forks and single rear shock and full exhaust system by Termignoni with ECU upgrade. The best part is it is a 2006 model – that was the only year that offered single sided exhaust on the right & shock on the left and original Ducati classic dry clutch. So… after taking to my real boss at home – I bought the lady back home two weeks later. Check it out:

Front close-up, originally uploaded by achung_123.

In some odd way, I still can’t believe that my dream bike is sitting in my garage… :D

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