Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Modification - take 1

Since by the time I bought her home (yeah, she is a girl btw - Very hot one FYI), there are few major things has already been upgraded. There are still a few things that I would love to get it done in my way. Some of them are easy projects, and I need a pro to help me on some of upgrade . Let's start from the easiest one - chop the tail. ALL DUCATI NEEDS TAIL CHOP IMO. Luckily S1K is very to work with. I finished everything within 2 hrs. Not only It looks a lot nicer and cleaner than before - must important thing is cut off some weight. I believe I saved at least 5lb from the stainless steel tail assembly!

BTY, I also painted the signals into mat-black too. Really not sure I can take the chrome too much...


zno said...

Your chopped tail looks really nice!

How did you mount the tail light? Up-side-down using the original screw mounts? Care to share some close-up:s showing the mounting? :)

Keep up the good work with your blog(s). Amazing pictures!

// Z

Alex Chung said...

It's one of the easiest mod on the Classic - probably cheapest too. You do in fact need to make a custom plate to connect the holes on the tail frame and to the lighting unit. Check this out (work in progress):


The rest is very simple. Do a search on Ducati MS too - it has tons of info. Good luck!