Sunday, February 7, 2010

BBQ oysters over Tomales Bay

Today weather is surprisingly warm and sunny. Compare with the last 3 weeks of rain, today ride is like riding in heaven. The best part is because of Superbowl Sunday, the roads are all empty!

Lunch was great - we had BBQ oyster over The Masrshall Store over Tomales bay. One of the 'most stop' along HW1. The store is small; but the BBQ oyster probably one of the best in the area! The store has all of their oysters suppled locally, and it is always fresh and tasty.

Here is the route for the bay area riders as reference - have fun and ride safe!


tw said...

I really need to get my ass out there on hwy 1 more often. Rode it on La Ducati Day and it was great :)

Unknown said...

Just did an oyster run on my GT1000 up to Marshall Store last weekend. Great ride as always!

First go with a new camera - check out the video here:

Alex Chung said...

Thanks for your video man! Let me know if you up for a ride!