Friday, February 5, 2010

New chain and sprockets installed - nicely done!

All done!, originally uploaded by achung_123.

All the correct parts arrive on time and undamaged - well done JC Pak bikes! I got a super deal BTW... very good buying experience with JC!

Finally the sky is clear a bit, and I only have a about 4 hrs window to get it installed since the next rain storm is lining up over pacific - this is a very typical winter weather in North Cal. This is the first time I replace sprockets and chain; and there is no way I want to do it at home - so I leave to the pro to take care of it. I bought my bike to a small local shop for the installation, and only took them 1 hour to get everything done - it was a nice job. Took it to a spin - man, it was quite a difference! The bike felt alive, and I broke the speed limit while still in 2nd gear... this is not good... hahaha...

Here is what I done:

Gear ratio from Ducati factory: Front 15, Rear 38, ratio @ 2.5
Gear ration when I got my bike: Front 14, Rear 38, ration @ 2.7
Newly installed sprockets: Front 15. Rear 42, ratio @ 2.8

As you can see, it is a big jump from the factory setting - but since I got the bike with 14/38, there isn't too big of the jump for me at 15/42. However, I'm for sure can feel the different - the bike feels alive, and a lot quicker at the same amount of twist.

Can't wait to bring it to the twisties - it will be fun! :D


tw said...

Awesome!! i should change my ratio too, that might make cruising around town easier~

Alex Chung said...

What ratio you have? What kid of bike?

Joseph said...

I have a GT 1000. I don't live very far from you.
What shop do you goto to get your valve's adjusted, and service maintenance?
(I've got an appointment booked in Nichols in Milpitas for my 7500 mi service and Termi install, but I'm looking for something closer to Antioch/Concord for future maintenance.

Alex Chung said...


I go to Nichols - they are my trusted place for any problem. You may try Ace Motor Sport in Concord too. In fact, Ace fixed something that Nickols couldn't, and I was surprised they did it and did it well. Give them a try!

Interested to join me for local ride?


Joseph said...

Thanks for the tip Alex,
My Bike is in Nichols right now getting Termi's and Tires.

You just mentioned that 2 places that I also trust :-)

I won't be able to ride for another month, I will be traveling.

We can do a local ride when I get back, and 'hopefully' the sun will finally peak out. hahah.

dan allen said...

I have a 2007 sport 1000 LE and want to do this exact upgrade.. but, the JP site is a little cryptic.. need to call em, yes?