Friday, February 26, 2010

Exhaust wrap

Wrap after thermo spray paint
Raw warp
Exhaust warp, originally uploaded by achung_123.

Like most Ducati Sport 1000 owners, I have experienced excessive heat on the left thigh during the hot day - it got much worse at the traffic light. In the beginning I thought it was the voltage regulator under my seat; but the heat problem didn't go away after I relocate the regulator. The next thing I could try is header wrap. I personally really liked the old-school look; and I may gain a few HPs if I do it right. The main goal is hopefully the additional insulation will keep the temperature down to a reasonable level during the hot months - it is not fun to slow cook my left thigh!

I have to thank Mike passing down the left-over the wrap from his project. I believe I use about 100' of 1" width Thermo-Tech Wrap for both of my headers and 2-to-1 connector, and 4 cans of Thermo-Tec Hi-Heat Coating. The project is still going on since it take time to dry between each layer of coat, and I ran out of wrap and spray can after finish the long header...

Stay tune to the final result! Two things are going on right now - first is the exhaust wrap, second is the new tank insulation. I will post both picts of the headers and video of the exhaust sound after I done!

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