Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gear review - Dainese Laguna Seca Pro Suit & Under Armour under suit

Under Armor Gold Gear, originally uploaded by achung_123.

Today I finally have a chance to field test both the Dainese suit and Under Armour Cold Gear under suit. Weather was mild at upper 50s, low wind with overcast sky, and the road is dry at around 6pm... It was a perfect riding condition. After I put everything on, started the engine, and riding down the street - oh man, it was really day and night different between one piece and two pieces suit. First of all, the pressure at my belly was COMPLETELY GONE. Second, thanks to Dainese cutting, I felt like riding naked! The air moves really well inside the suit (almost too much), and I am sure I will need all air movement during the summer months.

Following are what impressed me just after a short 50 miles twisties ride:
- Felt like my suit was my second skin - Dainese cutting was fantastic.
- It was a perfect combination of the Pro suit and my Cold gear under suit - keep me warm without taking space.
- Very comfortable at aggressive riding position.
- A LOT of air movement without feeling cold - it proved the under suit works really well with the outer shell.
- My neck can move freely thanks to the low collar cutting.
- Sliding from left to right feels quicker now.
- Cooling and exhaust grills at the speed hump actually works!

Here are some minor drawbacks:
- Sleeves were a bit long - I wash they were 1/4" to 1/2" shorter.
- It was a tight fitted suit... so there wasn't much room for my man's part. Oh yeah, balls slam tank! No fun!
- No usable storage available inside the suit - so I have to hold my credit card, phone, helmet, key, and gloves... did I mention I try to hold my coffee at the same time too?
- No sitting - the speed hump took over my back! Since speed hump was hollow... I can't really rest on it.
- Forget about walking - felt like a moving condom...
- Did I mention balls slam tank?

Feels like it going to be really hard for me to go back to two pieces suit - maybe in winter months when I actually need the heated vest... Now, the real question is - what I going to do with a closet full of Dainese jackets and pants???


trustyler said...

Hi Alex, I have some questions about the Laguna Seca Pro Suit You have. Since it seems you've tried both the Dainese line-up of 1 and 2 piece suits, you may be the only person to answer my questions.
I have tried the Ducati 2 piece Leather Suit made by Dainese and the fit was fine except that the armour in the knees and elbows were a bit lose and like you said the sleeves were a bit long (around 1/2 inch long). I tried a size 40US/50EURO. For your information, I'm 5'9'', 165lbs, 33' waist.
My questions are these:
What suit size did you get in the 2-piece Dainese? What about the Laguna Seca Pro 1-piece?
Which fits better in the arms?
What is your height, weight, waist, inseam and hip size?

You can e-mail me at

Thanks! I'm really torn with Dainese sizing and I don't have any in my area. I have to have it shipped so making a mistake will be very expensive.

Alex Chung said...

Sorry to take me 2 weeks to realize someone left me comment - I don't check it on regular base.
I believe 1 piece and 2 piece has very similar cutting, and you and I have very similar body build (I am 5'8, 156lb, 32" waist). I think just 1/2" sleeve is not really a big deal - but you have to watch for knee. All Dainese pants are design for something taller - and if I put US38 size on, the knee fit me perfectly - but I can't close the upper zip with back protector. End up I get the US40 size. A bit loss on knee (very tiny compare with just leather pant); but the rest of the suit fit really well with back protector. If I can close the zipper with back protector, I am sure I would get the US38 even thought was tighter - suit will brake-in in time...

In your case, I think US40 will fit you well with back protector...

good luck!

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