Friday, November 26, 2010

A very cold Thanks Giving day solo run

Cold Turkey day solo run, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.
Thanks Giving dinner didn't start until 6pm - so I had a few hours for a quick solo ride. The only problem was the weather - it was way too cold. At 10am, under the sun felt like 43F (6C); and once under shade it was like down to 38 (3C)! When I was out there, 80% of the roads were actually dry and clean; but if there is any wet spot, I needed to be super careful since it could have 'black ice'. The trip still turned out nicely without any problem and the cold weather was perfect for testing out my new winder gear. I got the heated inner layer under the new Dainese D-dry suit, and Under Armour Coldgear undersuit. Thanks to the heated layer; my body was toasty warm even at 80mph. The only problem was my hands - so cold that I can't even feel my fingers. I guess it is time to look into winter groves...

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