Friday, April 22, 2011

18K mile service

Half way done...
New timing belts
18K service, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.
It's time! 18K happy mile for my Sport Classic - I consider it is a achievement. The service includes replace timing belts, air filter, oil filter, flashing all fluid, and checking valve clearance. I have them to replace the clutch plates and basket for me too - after 18000 mile of hard launches and engine brake, it's time for replacement. She will have the newly coated tank #3 too - this going to be pretty major service for her. As usual, she is in trusted hands of Ace Motosports once again. Can't wait to bring her home tomorrow.


yourdoghouse said...

18k is a real achievement. Most of the used bikes on sale have 5k to 8k miles at the most. You are doing justice to the ride and the money you've spent on it. And thanks for maintaining a good blog. I love the SportClassic but have to wait until I have a garage.

Alex Chung said...

Thanks man! The milage on my Sport Classic grows a little slower these days after I get the Fighter. But it's still one of my all time favorite motorcycle. It's a keeper =)