Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cop on my ass again!

Cop on my a$$ again!, originally uploaded by achung_123.

This happened back in Nov 09 - and yes, the police was actually looking at my ass for the SECOND TIME. My custom tail light blocked my license plate (which located all the way under the seat), and the license number can only be seen at certain angles. Oh well, another 'fix-it' ticket; another $18...

I have been looking for a long term solution; but there isn't much offered out there with a reasonable price and design. Here is the list of after-market part I can think of...

- Ducati Sport Classic License Plate Bracket by Palatov Motorsport
- WASP's Tail Chop Kit by WASP WORKS in Australia
- FLEDA system by Pak Bikes

The plate bracket by Palotoy is the cheapest amount all the options since you need reuse the existing part (the lighting unit). But the license plate holder is getting too close to the rear tire, and I really don't think it is a good idea. WASP PUK1 has very nice finish; and it is a completed unit with plug&play. But as usual, nice thing never comes cheap - with shipping it is almost $450 USD.... It is really out of my budget rang. But I still highly recommend it if you can afford it. In face, FLEDA system shares the same 'problem' like WASP - it was really expensive when they first came out - at about $480 range. Just like WASP system, price was the major factor to stop me from purchasing it. The good news is recently they introduced the new "FLEDA-SR-Lite" system cut the cost down to acceptable level; and yet still keeps the same nice low profile design with plug & play. It sounds like a winner to me, and I am sure it will be the next upgrade item on my bike.


JC M said...

THE Fleda system with the Lisc bracket on the FLEDA has never been a problem for me.
If your Lisc plate is tucked inside and on the battery you are asking for a stop.
I was followed off the freeway with a CHP on my tail and when my turned on my turnsignal he went by without issue.
So fa so good

Alex Chung said...

I was surprised the CHP didn't catch you to use FLEDA at the first place - it is not a street legal system after all. But... I guess all CHP is different. Good luck, and ride safe out there!


Joseph said...
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Joseph said...

I just tried to order the Fleda (16Apr2010), but the Pak bikes owner told me they have discontinued operations indefinitely.

WASP it is.

JC Matsuura said...

The FLEDA is not discontinued It is very much alive and well.