Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finally got a pair of gauge brackets installed!

Bracket installed along with steering damper by WASP Works

Before installation at stock position

After brackets installation - Gauge lowered!

Gauge bracket before & after, originally uploaded by achung_123.

Finally got a pair of gauge bracket after long search and wait. The parts are home made by one of the fellow member on Ducati MS. Unlike 99% of the parts available on the market; the brackets weren't intended to sale for profit - it is made by someone who truly loves his motorcycles. It is a very simple bracket - all it does is changing the viewing angle of the stock gauge. It improves the visibility of the gauge during aggressive riding position, and the best part is, the lower gauge cleans up the front and make the bike looks a lot cleaner and nicer.

Unfortunately, the quantity of this little mighty brackets are very limited. It wasn't meant to sale for profit, and it wasn't meant for mess production either. Currently it is no longer in production - hopefully someone able to pick it up from where it left off, and continuously contributes and benefits to all Sport Classic riders!

I will provide user review soon! Stay tune!

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