Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dainese M-21 D-Dry glovers

Dainese M-21 D-Dry glovers, originally uploaded by achung_123.

I love my Dainese full-metal racer gloves - it is strong, fitting well, and with state-of-the-art protection. But no matter how nice and strong it is, there is no match with the cold and wet weather. I freeze my hand only after 30 mins of riding in a "good dry day" (typical good winter day in San Francisco area is about mid 40s to mid 50s - rain most of the time during windter). At the end of the freeway exit, my hand actions are always slow with horrible brake and clutch control. And yes, poor clutch control is the #1 reason of low speed bike tip over - don't ask how I know...

So... after few weeks or back and forth, I finally came to my senses and pulled the trigger - got a pair of Dainese D-dry M-21. I got a super deal from the local Dainese D-store (super helpful and freindly sales BTW - highly recommended!), and I believe it is a 2008 or earlier model. It doesn't bother me a bit... it is still a nice pair of gloves even after 2 yrs sitting on the shelf. I was originally eyeing on the more aggressive design like the Dainese M-25. But for close to 40% off... I picked M-21 without second thought. Just like any Dainese leather goods, it runs one size smaller. But what amazes me is the fitting. All of my fingers are fit well - not too long, not too short, even with D-dry interior and insulation - it feels just right. Compare with Full-Metal, it is a lot "beefier" due to the insulation; but it is still within a reasonable level without my fingers feeling like short bananas. The cuff is a lot bigger than Full-Metal - I can easily put my leather sleeve under it with room for nice hand movements. So... it is time to do field test!

After a short 30 miles local ride in low 50s... oh man... my fingers love it! It felt warm during the ride, and it stays warm even over 100mph. The fitting is super so there is no extra glove material flipping between my fingers and levers - which keeps my fingers actions quick and precise. Just like any other glove - it needs time to brake-in... even though Dainese has been well known of short break-in time; a well insulated size small gloves need some addition love... which I will gladly provide... Looking forward to the upcoming longer ride with this pair of nice glove!

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