Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Spring ride to Point Reyes Station

First Spring ride over HW1, originally uploaded by achung_123.

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The weather seems to stabilized a bit lately, and I start my very first Spring 'longer' ride. Riding along HW1 was made me feel so lucky to live in California. Weather is still a bit cold especially in early morning; but I still like to start early to avoid traffic and squids. Thank to my TourMaster heated vest keeping me warm, and my Dainese Delmar perforated jacket keep me chill in the warmer afternoon sun. I know it sounds odd to have a combination of heated vest and perforated jacket (it is like turning on heater and AC at the same time); but in micro-climate area like Bay Area, it actually work quiet well without being too cold or over heated...

Check out my route for reference. Roads on this route are really smooth; but have to watch out of falling rock after the storms like today. A lot of clutch control in uphill Mill Valley residential area with slow and narrow traffic; once once you hit the top of the hill it will be smooth sailing. Ride safe and have fun!

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