Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wonderful local back roads!

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The weather was warm and sunny, and a lot of motorcyclists like myself had a wonderful time today. It has been too long since I last visited the Wall along with some of my favorite local back roads. Today the roads was clean, and almost free of cops (at least my route)... my body was aching after the ride but it was well worth!

Check out my route above (for all the local riders who's not familiar with East Bay). Keep in mind that both Redwood and Skyline are B to C route - meaning that the road conditions are far from perfect. Roads on this route are generally bumpy, narrow, and twisted. On top of that it's alway full of cyclists, tourists, and animals. As long as keep it below B pace you will be fine! Have fun... and stay alive.


tw said...

text me next time you're gonna go, i'll join you! :)

Alex Chung said...

Sure! I will let you know!