Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hello new tank!

New tank!, originally uploaded by achung_123.

Today is a band new day.... sort of. My old spread tank has been replaced by DNA free of charge after 4 yrs of usage. Check out my earlier tank spread report - it has been a small but continues problem for the past few years. Some Ducati owners got replacements and some didn't since it is not really a safety issue - yet. I am one of the few lucky one got the replacement under 5yrs CA emission warranty. BTW, Ace Motorsports did an excellent job replacing my tank. Not a single gas stain on my newly wrap headers!

Still can't believe I scored a $1900 new tank plus labour... lucky me.

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Peter S. said...

Alex - How bad did your tank spread have to become before your dealer was willing to replace the tank. I've got and '09 sport 1000 and the dreaded spread problem is in progress on my bike. The did a factory notice swap on the tank brackets that take up some of the space but the problem continues. It was snugged up for a bit but its loose again on one side. Dealer says its "within acceptable" limits but it doesn't feel so safe to me. - Peter