Sunday, March 28, 2010

Would Hypermotard be my next ride?

Could this be my next ride?, originally uploaded by achung_123.

Finally after all these years I had a chance (& gut) to test ride a Hypermotard. I borrowed it from my riding buddy and took her for a spin during my weekend ride. I have been worry for test ride HM before due to two main reasons: riding height and engine power. It is obviously that I have height challenge; but what's really concern me is the engine power in relationship to the riding position.... it is truly a "wheelie machine", and the last thing I want is flipping my friend's bike!

After a short back road ride I think I finally finger out what's missing in my ride. Here is the list of things that "WOW" me at the time I rode off:
- Back and wrist pain were gone!
- Feels like I can see miles of road ahead of me.
- Riding at fully engaged first gear at 12 MPH without stalling - not sure about other bikes; but for Ducati dry clutch it is a major achievement!
- Without additional weight added to my wrist, the throttle control was like a dream - exact and precise.
- High and wide handle bar provide a lot of steering leverage.

Here are the drawbacks... at least for me on this test bike:
- Clutch-pull is typical Ducati hard - or maybe worse.
- Where is my clutch pedal? I have to look down and look for it - especially up shift...
- Kick-stand is rock-hard to kick in or out.
- Very light steering... scary light!
- So-so break; but far better than my Sport Classic.

There are many after market solutions for all the draw back factors... overall it is a very positive test ride - it is a fun, responsive, quick, and well made bike. I don't feel like it is as solid as my beloved Classic; but flexibility gave my the 'lightness' that I have been searching for. Will the Hypermotard be my next ride? Maybe the Hypermotard S; and I still can't get my eyes off the Super bike like 1198 - so many possibilities, so little budget....


Daddyo said...

I'm I hypermotard convert, definately not for the faint of heart and a unique riding position to say the least.

you can read about mine here:

Team Benzina said...

Just watch the fuel range


Alex Chung said...

Thanks for the comment! Can't wait for another test run in fact... fuel range isn't really my concern since I fill it up every 100 miles anyway... =)